Why Openframe?

  • 70% of our customers believe Openframe makes it less complex to build sustainably.
  • 85% of our customers believe Openframe streamlines the sustainability process in their construction project

Do you work with sustainable construction?

Openframe is the preferred platform for sustainable construction management for consultants, contractors and clients alike. 30% of DGNB projects are already running in Openframe

Openframe is a digital solution designed to help you achieve your sustainable building goals, whether it’s business goals, sustainability, certification, collaboration, growth or documentation.

We’ve created Openframe as the complete solution to the challenges of working with sustainability – and we’ve built an easier, faster and clearer process to do just that.

Openframe is a digital, affordable platform that is designed to be easy to use, easy to work with and supports your project and workflow throughout the entire process. You can read more about our prices here:

Who can use Openframe?

The short answer is everyone involved in a sustainable construction project. Openframe is designed to give users what they need, regardless of their role in the project. It makes it easy to add new key people, schedule tasks, streamline processes and speed up project delivery.

Our basic idea is to gather as much as we can on a single platform so that everyone in the project can find what they need, communicate with who they need, and keep a good overview of the whole process.

Our customers have many different needs, project sizes and objectives, but what they all have in common is that Openframe has helped them make their daily work with sustainable construction easier and more manageable.

We are proud to be able to help make life easier, and this is also reflected in the feedback we have received:

70% of our customers believe Openframe makes it less complex to build sustainably.
57% of our customers believe Openframe increases the likelihood of realizing their sustainability vision and goals
85% of our customers believe Openframe streamlines the sustainability process in their construction project

A selection of customers using Openframe for their construction and renovation projects

Roles and experts

A construction project draws on many different areas of expertise and many different disciplines. We designed Openframe to be flexible and easy to use. This means that it is easier to involve new key persons and participants in the project.

Since Openframe unifies the entire project on the same platform, integrating new roles and players into the process is automatically faster and easier. No more digging through emails, drawings and project plans.

Openframe keeps track of everything and makes it easy to get up and running quickly with new phases and new elements.

You can read more about how Openframe fits your tasks and your role in the project here.


  • Keep track of big projects
  • Get your certification process right from the start.
  • Strengthen cooperation
  • Keep track of all documentation in the project


  • Provide the best advice on projects
  • Keep track of all your documents and spend less time looking for information
  • Easy cooperation with customers and suppliers

Sustainability Manager

  • Get an easy overview of the whole project
  • Simple control and management of standards and certification
  • Get constant updates on the sustainability score of the project
  • Get help and guidance on sustainability process and certification


  • Align sustainability with objectives
  • Define standards and materials
  • Keep track of all actors

Certification and standard

Openframe is designed to make it easier to build sustainably, and a big part of the sustainability challenge is the multitude of standards and requirements.

By incorporating sustainability and certification into the project from the start, Openframe offers the opportunity to make sustainability management simpler and more transparent.


Higher success rate of your projects
Better management of decision-making processes at all levels
Better communication between the actors in the project - architects, engineers, contractors and both private and public clients
Less wasted time and better control of tasks

Try Openframe

Openframe is flexible and supports your specific sustainability and certification needs. OpenFrame also makes it easy to have third-party checks and external advisors involved in the project without affecting the workflow or costing extra time.

That‘s why we offer a 30-day trial of Openframe with full functionality and no financial commitment. This allows you to see if Frame is the solution for you.

Watch Openframe demonstrated in our free webinar, where you'll also have the opportunity to ask questions.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns

You can read about how Openframe made life easier for one of our many satisfied customers here.

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