Sustainable Housing in Furesø Municipality

Furesø Municipality in North Zealand is actively working to increase sustainability in its services and planning. In connection with a project where the municipality was the developer of a residential facility for citizens with special needs, project manager Rikke Schønberg Bojesen chose to use Frame to make the process simpler and easier to manage.

Frame was chosen because the platform is designed to handle this type of project and because Rikke and her team needed a powerful tool that is able to handle many actors and many stakeholders.

Sustainable construction in municipalities

The team in charge of the project had not worked much with sustainability, so Rikke Schønberg Bojesen decided to try Frame to see if it could make the process easier for them.

The project was priced at 20.5 million DKK, it had to be sustainable and made of wood, which posed a number of challenges in terms of planning and execution. The team needed to implement DGNB and make sure they met the desired certifications, and since they didn’t have a dedicated tool for this process, Frame was chosen.

Because it was a municipal project, and because the project was targeted at citizens with special needs, there were many requirements and wishes that had to be met.

New tools can represent a big challenge, but for Rikke and her team it was easy to implement and use Frame.

It only took a few hours, with expert guidance from one of Frame’s advisors, and the team was using Frame in their daily work.

This made it easy for the team to Frame is designed to be intuitive and easy to work in. This allowed them to quickly get on with the important parts of the project and not have to spend time on workflows that were not relevant.

Frame helped the team keep track of the many players and stakeholders in the project, as well as all the construction and sustainability documentation that goes into a large project. By using Frame, communication, workflows and overview became simpler for all participants and the project moved from stage to stage smoothly.

By using Frame, Furesø Municipality has made it cheaper and simpler to work with DGNB-certified construction, and it can help make future construction greener. This has also meant that Frame will be chosen the next time there is a major project with sustainability and DGNB requirements.

What was the result?

Residential accommodation Søndersø,
Church Værløse

Single-storey wooden house, with wooden facade and wood wool insulation. Residential facility for 16 citizens with special needs. The accommodation includes common areas and a room for each resident with a toilet, shower and kitchenette.

Specific to the project:

It will receive funding from Realdania’s pool for increased sustainability in municipal building projects.
The project is in collaboration with DBI on fire and wood wool insulation in sustainability

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