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Do you find it complex to manage the documentation, reporting and certification of sustainability for properties in operation?

Openframe is a management tool that provides complete operational control. Read more here and understand why Openframe is the preferred platform for managing the sustainability process.

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Benefits of Openframe in use


Communication is key to a good project. Openframe helps you collaborate, manage and communicate across the value chain. Clarify your team’s communication and reach your goals more easily.

Overview and task management

Openframe gives you an overview of all ongoing tasks. This means that you always know the status, know the plan, know who is responsible for what and how far they are in completing the tasks.

Certification and reporting

Openframe makes certification an integral part of your sustainability process. Openframe can handle third-party controls, eliminating the need to export data and ensuring you maintain traceability and overview.

Vision and objectives

Openframe allows you to embed your strategy and objectives, creating an overview and coherence between objectives and vision in your portfolio. This makes it easy to keep track of how it is progressively realized through set annual routines.


Openframe continuously keeps track of your documentation. It makes it simple to have an overview of agreements, decisions and results, and makes it easy to get all the documentation ready for certification and reporting.


Use Openframe to calculate how sustainable your properties are and guide you on which certifications you can achieve. It can also help you set your sustainability targets and scenarios and keep track of them year by year.


Have you chosen to work with a criteria collection such as DGNB Buildings in use?

With Openframe, you can take the operational part of your work from vision to reality.

Information and tasks are often scattered across different systems, different owners and subcontractors, and stored on many different digital and physical media. This makes it a very time-consuming process to prepare for reporting and eventual certification.

With the increasing focus on sustainability and the greater demand for sustainable and healthy properties, it is becoming increasingly important to incorporate sustainability into operations and, not least, to make work more efficient. 

Using Openframe, experts spend less time on project management so they can use their expertise to create more sustainability.

What is Openframe In Use?

Openframe In Use is a unified platform for managing and structuring sustainability work in operating properties.

When you use Openframe, you can quickly and easily implement your sustainability goals and communicate them to all relevant stakeholders.

Openframe gives you full control over which standards you want to comply with and to what extent you comply with them. It makes it simple to delegate responsibilities in terms of tasks, strengthens team cooperation and common understanding, and ultimately increases the likelihood of hitting targets.

In addition, Openframe has the following features that make it easy to work with complex criteria collections:

  • Transforms all criteria into manageable tasks
  • Update criteria collections (e.g. DGNB) when there are new releases
  • Documentation is easily uploaded at task/criteria level
  • Possibility of several collections of criteria on the same property
  • Provides total overview and ownership of data, as well as the possibility to use data as an experience database for other properties

What does Openframe do for you as an ESG manager?

Easier planning

You will have the opportunity to plan and set your targets for the standards your project needs to meet at the very beginning of the project.

Quick overview

You can see at any time what the status vs objectives are and get an overview of where efforts can be made to improve.

No surprises

Because Openframe unifies documentation on a single platform, there are no surprises. You know where all your information is, and you know what is happening in the process - both in terms of status and e.g. certification score.

Simple certification

Does your property need DGNB certification? Openframe brings together everything you need for your certification in a single solution, so your project is ready for third-party verification as soon as you need it.

Curious? Try Openframe for free and see if it's the solution for your sustainability strategy

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