Easy digital management of DGNB projects

  • Up to 40% time savings in DGNB processes
  • Strengthen interdisciplinary cooperation
  • Avoid maintenance of DGNB updates

Do you find it complex to understand the DGNB process, criteria and updates of DGNB?

Openframe is a sustainability management tool that provides complete operational control over your project and makes certification and compliance with sustainability requirements simple and straightforward. Read more here and see why 30% of Danish DGNB projects already use Openframe.

Can DGNB certification be done

Keeping track of documentation can be a challenge when your building project is third party verified for DGNB and DGNB Mixed Use certification.

A project has many different sub-elements and aspects, and a wide range of documents and information must be provided to give a true and complete picture of the project.

This information is often scattered across different systems, different managers and subcontractors, and stored on many different online and physical media. This makes it a very time-consuming process to get projects ready for certification. It can also mean forgetting parts of your certification and missing out on a higher DGNB score.

With the increasing focus on sustainability and the greater demand for healthy buildings that meet sustainability requirements, it becomes even more important to integrate certifications such as DGNB into the project and meet the increasing demands for sustainability measures in construction. With the green transition, we can no longer continue as before. It presents challenges and creates many tasks in a busy workday.

DGNB is a great way to strengthen sustainability measures in construction projects, but most of our customers say:

The more than 300 criteria make it confusing and complex to manage DGNB in practice.
DGNB updates are frustrating and time-consuming
Conformity check is heavy due to the amount of documentation
Collecting evidence from the different actors is cumbersome and time-consuming
It should be possible to combine DGNB with own criteria or other schemes such as the Voluntary Sustainability Class
Data must be accessible and easy to control, and there must be the possibility to use our experience with DGNB in future projects

A selection of customers,
using Openframe for DGNB projects

What is Openframe?

Openframe is a unified platform for managing construction projects, with a special focus on sustainability and usability.

When using Openframe, you can include your DGNB certification in the planning phase. Openframe’s tools give you full control over which standards you want to meet and to what extent you meet them. It makes it simple to set your goals and make sure the project meets them throughout the process.

Openframe also gives you a continuous update of your DGNB score throughout the project, making it easy to stay up-to-date with the sustainability level of the project.

Openframe ensures that all relevant information is gathered on the same platform and made ready for third-party verification, making it easy for you to get your project certified.

In addition, Openframe has the following
features that make it easy to work
with DGNB:

Transforms all criteria into manageable tasks

Updates criteria collections when there are new releases from the Green Building Council (DK-GBC)

Have, in collaboration with the Council for Sustainable Building, integrated the DGNB conformity check process into our platform

Documentation is easily uploaded at task level and no need to export data

Possibility of multiple sets of criteria on the same construction or renovation project. For example, DGNB can be combined with requirements from the Voluntary Sustainability Class or own criteria.

Provides total overview and ownership of data, as well as the possibility to use data as an experience database for future projects

What does Openframe do for you and for your project?

Easier planning

You will have the opportunity to plan and set your targets for the standards your project must meet, right at the beginning of the project.

Quick overview

You can see at any time what the project's DGNB score is and get an overview of where efforts can be made to improve the score.

No surprises

Because Openframe brings your entire project onto a single platform, there are no surprises. You know where all your information is and you know what is happening in the project - both in terms of process and certification score.

Simple certification

Openframe brings together everything you need for your DGNB certification in one package, so your project is ready for third-party verification as soon as you need it.

Do you want to use Openframe
to make your projects
DGNB-ready from the start?

We believe Openframe can make a positive difference to your projects. We know there are many aspects to large projects, so we want to show what Openframe can do. You can call or write to us, but we think it’s best to provide a hands-on demonstration to show the power of Openframe.

That‘s why we offer a 30-day trial of Openframe with full functionality and no financial commitment. This allows you to see if Openframe is the solution for you.

Watch Openframe demonstrated in our free webinar, where you'll also have the opportunity to ask questions.

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