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Frame is the leading platform for managing sustainable construction projects. We are proud to help make sustainability in construction simple, clear and effective.

Do you work with in-house sustainability management in your construction projects?

Frame is a complete tool for the construction industry, bringing together a strong management platform, sustainability engineering and certification on the same platform. This means that everything you need for your project is gathered at Frame.

Creating big projects is complex, but it doesn't have to be complicated.

Frame is designed to keep track of large construction projects while making it easy to meet sustainability requirements and aspirations.

Creating big projects is complex, but it doesn't have to be complicated.

Frame is designed to keep track of large construction projects while making it easy to meet sustainability requirements and aspirations.

We created Frame to make sustainable construction simpler and easier. On this page you can read more about how Frame helps contractors achieve their sustainable building projects.

Sustainability in construction is a steadily growing demand from clients, but it can be difficult to keep track of a complex construction project while ensuring that the project meets sustainability standards along the way.

How to ensure that sustainability is taken into account throughout the project?
How to plan for sustainability in a project?
What are the standards and how to meet them?
How to easily keep track of all documentation and relevant information in a complex project?

Large projects require collaboration across disciplines, across companies, and across internal and external professionals. It can be difficult to get an overview of all the players involved in a project and ensure that all contributions and details are remembered.
Frame’s solution is to bring together everything relevant on one platform, whether it’s planning, certification, role allocation or sustainability.

What does
Frame for you?

Frame gives you a full overview of the whole project
Frame can be used to assign roles and manage work in large, complex projects
Frame automatically provides a DGNB score when the project is created, based on current DGNB rules and standards
Frame brings your entire project together in one place and lets you extract your data when you need it
Frame can get you ready for third-party verification in a few clicks.
Frame allows you to apply your own sustainability standards and objectives, and can be combined with other standards

We designed Frame to make it easy to work with sustainability in projects. Built on a core of industry-specific standards and best practices, Frame gives large teams and large projects a unified platform to communicate, collaborate and develop. This means your project no longer has to be spread across multiple platforms and your documents and plans are all in one place. It makes it easier to talk together, work together and create together.

We asked our customers what makes frame the right choice for contractors.

Frame increases the likelihood of achieving the client's ambitions
Frame makes building sustainably less complex
Frame increases their knowledge about building sustainably.

“We chose Frame because it allows us to easily gather experience by running all projects in one system. It’s easy to access all the DGNB material, we have everything in one place, which makes it easy to retrieve data.”

 Jacob Tvede
Head of Department

“We have chosen Frame as the standard for all our DGNB-certified projects because the platform provides a really good overview and saves time. Instead of spending time looking in the manual, we can quickly find out under each point what we need to deliver on, and it is easy to follow the score throughout the process. Frame provides an overview right from the start, without having to spend extra time and energy on it.”

– Jonas Munch Rasmussen
Project manager

Being able to put the sustainability criteria for the project into Frame at an early stage saves time and makes everything clearer.”

– Jakob Kock
Technical Manager

We are proud to be chosen as the sustainable construction project management tool for our customers and we work hard to meet their needs.

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