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Openframe is a powerful management tool for construction and operational properties

Openframe provides a streamlined process and reduces manual tasks.

Our customers say Openframe gives them up to 40% time savings.
Leave the management of goals, tasks and responsibilities to a digital platform – and free up time to create more sustainability initiatives in your construction projects and real estate portfolio.
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The digital solution for managing sustainability requirements in construction projects

Openframe Build gives you easy and accessible management of common construction criteria collections and schemes.

The Build process is optimized for construction and renovation projects and ensures you quality in all phases from idea to finished project

Easy documentation, reporting and certification of sustainability requirements for properties in operation

Openframe In Use is a clear and simple platform for turning action plans into operational tasks with clarity on objectives, responsibilities, deadlines and documentation requirements.

In Use is your focal point for portfolio performance against the climate requirements and a knowledge bank of all history from strategy to reporting and certification.


Communication is key to a good project. Openframe helps you collaborate, manage and communicate across the value chain. Clarify your team’s communication and reach your goals more easily.

Overview and task management

Openframe gives you an overview of your entire project. This means that you always know the status, know the plan and know where the project is going. You know which tasks are ongoing, what the status is and who is working on them.


Openframe makes certification an integral part of your project. Openframe can handle third-party controls, which means you don’t need to export data and comments show up in Openframe. This makes it a natural part of your project workflow.

Vision and objectives

Openframe lets you set your goals from the start of your project, creating an overview and coherence between the goals and vision of your project. This makes it easy to keep track of how it is being realized step by step throughout the project.


Openframe keeps track of your documentation at every stage of the project. It makes it simple to have an overview of agreements, decisions and results, and makes it easy to get all the documentation ready for certification and in the right places.


Openframe can calculate the sustainability level of your project and guide you on which certifications you can achieve. It can also help you to set your project’s sustainability objectives and to keep them throughout the project.

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What is Openframe?

Openframe manages the collaboration between all stakeholders and lets you set your sustainability goals from the start

This means Openframe is right for you, no matter what your role is, how big your project is or how ambitious your green goals are.

Openframe can free up time to create better results

Sustainability Manager

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